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"We never recreate the wheel. We could lose our #1 employee and continue to tick like a Swiss watch; replacement of staff is a snap as all predecessor projects are immediately transferred to the new staff . Of course we do not want to lose great staff, but if that happens, we have already captured their knowledge."

"While working in a remote location, management and staff cannot see what anyone else is doing. CYIPRO solves this problem through its unique notification system of all staff actions like creating a project, updating a task or downloading a file. Once you notice staff working, then you can quickly collaborate via CYIPRO to finish the task at hand while never calling, seeing and meeting with that person."

Document Management
Add new files
c:\my documents\file2.doc
New Photos and Comments
or version a file below:
File Name
File 1
New Changes with Graphics
File 2
Update from Meeting
File 3
Programmer’s Notes
You can add a new file, "version" an existing file as well as view past versions of a file
Staff collaboration
Collaborative software eliminates the need for many meetings through shared real-time status reporting and tracking displays. Employees scattered across geographically dispersed branches, home offices, client sites or points in between, can communicate, share screens or documents and track the resulting actions in real time through the unified portal. The current working version of any document and any back-rev files are available. CYIPRO’s exclusive Email to Project (E2P) tool allows project team members to email from any device into the project repository, enabling joint problem-solving with the insight of the entire team. The evolution of an idea is readily available for review by all authorized personnel in threaded discussions.
Project Management
Running a business like a project requires visibility to all activities in scope – what has been done, what needs to be done and who is responsible. The PM must have the information and control to make quick and accurate decisions, including the ability to re-allocate resources to critical and late tasks quickly. Real-time financial capture and reports support proactive interventions to avoid critical situations and overages. Cyipro offers all these through a centralized command and control center plus superior communication capabilities to enable scalability across multiple teams, projects, employees and tasks.
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